Want to Minimize Chaos & Stress in the Mornings? Try This Clever Idea! by Ann Marie Patitucci

7 years ago

Want to Minimize Chaos & Stress in the Mornings? Try This Clever Idea!

Tired of mornings being chaotic and rushed? I know I was! So I decided I needed a different approach. I created a checklist of morning chores for each of my boys and hung them on the wall. They’re four years apart, so my older son has more responsibilities – his checklist is longer. They have some items in common, though, such as brush your teeth and put your lunch box in your backpack. I even added “hug your brother,” inspired by a tip by contributor Joani Plenty (read her tip here).

Now when they wake up, they get right to work on their checklists. This change to our morning routine has had several positive outcomes:

  • The boys are proud of themselves (especially my younger son!)
  • We’re out the door on time
  • Mornings are far less stressful – for all of us

How do you simplify your mornings?

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Donna John
What a great idea, Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead . I remember how hectic mornings can be. I used to make my kids pick out their outfits the night before. Actually, just my daughters. Sons tend to care less of what they wear to school. :-)
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thanks, Donna John ! It's really been working for us. You know, I would have thought the same thing about boys and girls- until I had boys! My 10 year old is VERY picky about what he wears! :) He won't wear khakis or jeans- only athletic type pants. And he prefers silky athletic shirts to tee shirts. And he hates the feel of tags!
Katie Sloan
I need to set a timer for us. It's ridiculous to run late for an 8:40 a.m. bus.

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