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The Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils With Dr. Mariza Snyder! by Donna John

7 years ago
The Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils With Dr. Mariza Snyder!

A few months ago we had a lively chat on essential oils. Building on that enthusiasm, were thrilled to welcome Dr. Mariza Snyder as our featured guest at our #30Seconds Twitter chat to provide us with a smart mom's guide to essential oils. Read on for her amazing insights and essential oil recipes!

Q: What is the easiest way to use essential oils?

  • Diffusing a couple essential oils in a diffuser for a mood boost plus keeping the air clean. Try lemon and peppermint.
  • Add 1-2 drops of essential oil into your hands and take two to three deep breaths. Try bergamot and lavender.
  • Adding oils to a spritzer and spraying the air around you. Try lemon, peppermint plus lavender.

Q: What are the top four essential oils any smart mom should have on hand for the family?

  • Lavender is used for all things calming. It’s a Swiss army essential oil used for sleep, skin, mood plus stress.
  • Lemon is the best cleaning oil! It’s great for green cleaning recipes and cleanses. Lemon also purifies the air and cleanses the body of toxins.
  • Peppermint is my favorite! It promotes clear breathing, relaxes tense muscles, energizes, stops cravings and relieves tension.
  • Tea tree oil is great for kids. It’s great for numerous skin issues. Tea tree oil is also effective at cleaning, immune system and protects against seasonal threats.

Q: What are the best essential oils for mood and sleep? Recipes would be great, too!

  • Best essential oils for sleep plus stress are lavender, clary sage, vetiver, cedarwood plus roman chamomile.
  • Combined lavender plus vetiver for a restful sleep. Add 2 drops in a diffuser one hour before bed, or apply to feet.
  • My stress buster blend is 1 drop of lavender, bergamot plus ylang ylang applied to palms and breathe in with three to five belly breaths.
  • Sleep diffuser blend is 3 drops of cedarwood plus 4 drops of lavender. Also add these oils to a relaxing bath.

Q: What are the best oils for energy, focus and concentration?

  • Peppermint, spearmint, grapefruit, rosemary plus ylang ylang. Mints and citrus oils energize and rosemary boosts memory.
  • Focus and concentration blend is 2 drops rosemary, grapefruit and ylang ylang in diffuser. Ideal for homework and projects.
  • Energy boosting recipe: 1 drop wild orange plus 1 drop peppermint applied to palms and breathe in with three to five belly breaths.
  • Use oils daily for best results, especially in the morning and mid- afternoon, or during homework hours.

Q: How do I use essential oils for myself and family?

  • Two ways to use essential oils: Aromatic: Inhale oils. Topical: direct application to skin plus carrier oil to dilute.
  • Aromatic benefits: supports mood and emotional healing, purifies the air plus opens respiratory airways. Easy way to use oils.
  • Topical benefits: apply oils to area of concern for fast results. Dilute oils! Two to 10 percent dilution for kids and 10 to 25 percent for adults.
  • Other areas to apply oils are bottoms of feet, ears, pulse and reflex points, spine, back of neck, wrists, and areas of concern.

Q: What are the best essential oils for making over my cleaning cabinet?

  • Best oils for green cleaning are lemon, tee tree, grapefruit, lavender and eucalyptus. Add baking soda plus vinegar. You are set!
  • Basic ingredients for green cleaning recipes: oils, baking soda, vinegar, Castile soap, kosher salt, rubbing alcohol and water.
  • Air Freshener Spray: 8-ounce spray bottle, 3/4 cup water, 6 drops lemon, lavender plus peppermint. Spray when needed.
  • Fruit and Veggie Wash: 4 cups water, 1 cup apple cider and 10 drops lemon oil. In big bowl add ingredients and wash veggies.
  • Gum Remover recipe: 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 teaspoon olive oil plus 3 drops lemon oil. Mix ingredients and apply to area.

Q: How do you support women’s hormone health with essential oils?

  •  I recommend using oils aromatically plus topically for hormone support. Use Clary Sage, Bergamot, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, and Lavender.
  • Essential oils support: sleep, libido, energy, adrenals/stress, cravings, PMS, menopause plus mood and emotional healing.
  • Hormone blend: Apply 1 drop clary sage, lavender and bergamot on bottom of feet and ankles day and night.
  • Crave blend: 1 drop peppermint, 1 drop grapefruit and lemon oil. Apply to palms and breathe in with three to five belly breaths.

Q: Great essential oil recipes! How can we get your new book?

You can get it at (see links below) Barnes & Nobles and Target! For a limited time you can get some amazing free gifts, too. Click  here to learn how!  I am giving away essential oil cheat sheets, videos, guides, Smart Moms Private FB group and more! 

Be sure to following  @DrMariza, visit DrMariza.comlike her on Facebook and check out her 30Seconds page!

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Nicole DeAvilla
Mariza Snyder you always have such good advice and know just what people need for natural solutions. This will be a great chat!
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So excited to chat with you, Mariza Snyder! Thanks for coordinating, Nicole DeAvilla - wish I could be with you chicas in person tomorrow night! Chef Gigi Gaggero
Chef Gigi
just got off work in Silicon Valley- :-( with the traffic here I'd have to sniff a whole bottle of Lavender essential oil to deal with the three hours car ride sitting in traffic to get there.
Ann Marie Patitucci
This is sure to be a fantastic twitter chat! #bestgirlsnight
Kim Kusiciel
I love my oils and I know this chat is going to be amazing! Looking forward to it!
Toni B
Sounds like a great chat. Excited to learn more, especially about essential oils that give you energy & help you sleep. My internal on/off switch is a little unpredictable....LOL
Donna John
Can't wait for this chat! I've got essential oils and I'm not afraid to use 'em! :-) Hoping to find new ways.
Oooh I can't wait to join in I have heard alot about essential oils it's time to learn. Thank you!
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This is such an awesome resource! Thanks for the wonderful tips! I found you at

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