Kids Having Trouble With Homework? Don't Help Them (Too Much)! Here's Why! by Dr. Jamie Krenn

4 years ago
Kids Having Trouble With Homework? Don't Help Them (Too Much)! Here's Why!

Schoolwork can be challenging. Having homework is the pits, but it has to be done. As parents, we want our child to do well, yes? Well, often that means one must back off and let them do it on their own.

Why? Struggling with something, like homework, and making mistakes breeds critical thinking and processing skills. Students have to get used to making errors. Teachers want to see these mistakes, to direct a student's attention to where learning might be going awry. The next time you kid is struggling with their lessons at home try this:

  • Allow them to have only three questions related to one single assignment. 
  • After the questions are gone, they are on their own. 

You are there to support them, not do their thinking. Impart lessons of struggling and succeeding to your children.

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