Need an Extra Set of Hands in the Kitchen? Try Bagwell & Stop Spilling! by Cheryl Leahy

6 years ago

As a busy mom of two little kids, I have started working smarter in terms of getting dinner prepared. I often cook large batches of soup or chili during the weekend and freeze it for a quick dinner during the week. I have tried using plastic containers, but they don't freeze or store as well as plastic resealable bags do.

The key to freezing food is taking out as much air as possible, so a resealable plastic bag is the best method. The problem? Trying to get my dish in the plastic bag without spilling! I tested out Bagwell with a batch of spaghetti sauce I recently made and it worked like a charm. Bagwell is available on their website for $6.99!

Bagwell $7

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The Bagwell Resealable Bag Rack: A Super Helpful New Kitchen Tool!

30Second Mom Likes This: The Bagwell Sealable Bag Holder Makes Kitchen Life Easier!

Elisa Schmitz
So excited to see your video about The Bagwell, Cheryl Leahy! So useful in the kitchen. Thank you for sharing! Stacey Roberts
S Roberts
Thanks so much Cheryl, love the video demo!
Meredith Schneider
Thanks so much for sharing! So gotta get this for my kitchen! Perfect for leftovers too!

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