Emotional Intelligence: How It May Predict Your Child's Future Wellness! by Kelli Porcaro

6 years ago

Emotional Intelligence: How It May Predict Your Child's Future Wellness!

What's an indicator of your child's future wellness as it relates to education, employment, good choices, substance use and mental health? According to several studies, it's their social emotional competence, also known as EQ. What does EQ look like in a young child? It's their ability to:

  • solve problems
  • share
  • listen
  • cooperate
  • act kindly

As a parent, you can help by modeling and encouraging your child to: 

  1. Name at least three emotions he is feeling in the moment.
  2. Talk about how his feelings and thoughts influence how he wants to react.
  3. List possible options on how to respond (vs. react) to something.
  4. Play detective and consider the thoughts and feelings of others before he chooses his own response.
  5. Learn to listen for emotions in others.

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Kim Kusiciel
YES, YES, YES!! This is key to a child's development! Developing these skills have positive, short-term and long-term effects. Thanks for sharing with all of us @kellischulte. :)
Meredith Schneider
Love this! So helpful! 💋
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thanks, Kelli Schulte ! This is so important. Sharing!

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