Fun With Pompoms: How to Create Kid Outlines & Reinforce Thinking Skills! by Dr. Jamie Krenn

5 years ago

Fun With Pompoms: How to Create Kid Outlines & Reinforce Thinking Skills!

Longing for those days of outdoor play free of scorching summer heat? Most of us are at this point. For the preschool bunch, making puff ball outlines can be an entertaining indoor activity! Most of us have outlined our kids on a sidewalk or driveway. Well, way not use soft pompoms indoors? 

  • Have your kids lay on the floor. 
  • Trace their bodies with the pompoms. 
  • Have them get up carefully. 

You can do the whole family on the floor, then ask: 

  • Who is tallest? 
  • Shortest? 
  • Has the biggest feet? 
  • Used the most puff balls? 

When you're done, have serious fun tossing them at one another -- without breaking your breakables.

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Donna John
What a fun activity, Dr. Jamie Krenn ! Then you could use them for a craft project.

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