Stressed Out Teen? SpongeBob SquarePants to the Rescue! by Nicole DeAvilla

6 months ago
Stressed Out Teen? SpongeBob SquarePants to the Rescue!

If you see your teenager watching their favorite show from when they were young, such as SpongeBob or a Disney movie, they may be recharging themselves to relieve the stress that accompanies being a teenager. Reading juvenile books, shooting baskets and organizing closets were some of the other activities to release stress that teenagers reported to The New York Times reporter, Lisa Damour.

If you see your teen is stressed should you send them to watch SpongeBob or read Percy Jackson? No. Each teen is unique in how they cope with stress. Some find yoga or mindfulness most helpful, while others will talk it out with friends. Suggest ways to release stress, but let your teen decide what works best for them. Read the full article here.

Christine Jones
This is so true Nicole DeAvilla . Over the holidays my 7 yr old daughter was watching the Grinch and my 15 yr old son cuddled up next to her and started to watch saying it was one of his favorite movies. I think it brought him back to the simpler years!
Nicole DeAvilla
Yes, I can look back now at my own kids doing similar things. Harry Potter movies were always a favorite to watch. - still are!

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