The Bagwell Resealable Bag Rack: A Super Helpful New Kitchen Tool! by Christine Jones

8 months ago
The Bagwell Resealable Bag Rack: A Super Helpful New Kitchen Tool!

How often do you wish you had another set of hands to help you in the kitchen?! Most of the time? Me, too! That's why I was excited to try out the new Bagwell resealable bag rack. I was more than pleasantly surprised with how helpful this new kitchen gadget proved to be. It's super simple to set up (like in 3 seconds)!

  • Twist the arms into an X shape
  • Fit a gallon-size Ziploc bag onto the rack
  • Fold over the sides so the bag is kept open

You can now easily fill the Ziploc instead of trying to precariously balance it on the counter – it's almost like having another pair of hands in the kitchen. I tried it with leftover salad and pasta. It was surprisingly sturdy, so you could easily use it to store soups, stir-frys, leftovers and other snacks. The Bagwell is dishwasher safe and folds flat for easy storage. Another benefit is by storing leftovers in Ziplocs as opposed to bulky plastic containers, I have a lot more room in my fridge.

For people that like to prep, pack and freeze food this is definitely a must-have kitchen item!

Bagwell $7
Works with standard 1-gallon storage bags and is dishwasher safe!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
This is such a helpful product for the kitchen! Thanks for sharing this great review of The Bagwell by Stacey Roberts, Christine Jones!

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