The Bagwell Resealable Bag Rack: A Super Helpful New Kitchen Tool! by Christine Jones

2 years ago
The Bagwell Resealable Bag Rack: A Super Helpful New Kitchen Tool!

How often do you wish you had another set of hands to help you in the kitchen?! Most of the time? Me, too! That's why I was excited to try out the new Bagwell resealable bag rack. I was more than pleasantly surprised with how helpful this new kitchen gadget proved to be. It's super simple to set up (like in 3 seconds)!

  • Twist the arms into an X shape
  • Fit a gallon-size Ziploc bag onto the rack
  • Fold over the sides so the bag is kept open

You can now easily fill the Ziploc instead of trying to precariously balance it on the counter – it's almost like having another pair of hands in the kitchen. I tried it with leftover salad and pasta. It was surprisingly sturdy, so you could easily use it to store soups, stir-frys, leftovers and other snacks. The Bagwell is dishwasher safe and folds flat for easy storage. Another benefit is by storing leftovers in Ziplocs as opposed to bulky plastic containers, I have a lot more room in my fridge.

For people that like to prep, pack and freeze food this is definitely a must-have kitchen item!

Bagwell $7
Works with standard 1-gallon storage bags and is dishwasher safe!

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
This is such a helpful product for the kitchen! Thanks for sharing this great review of The Bagwell by Stacey Roberts, Christine Jones!
Mike Prochaska
Nice no more dropped the food and the floor. It also looks like you could turn this into a sling shot if you added a rubber band

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