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New Takes on Kindness With Intuition Teacher Gail Harris! by Donna John

7 years ago
New Takes on Kindness With Intuition Teacher Gail Harris!

We think it's fair to say that right now the world needs kindness more than ever! In celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Day – celebrated on February 17 – we were thrilled to have our very own Gail Harris, author of “Finding Zoe” and “Your Heart Knows the Answer,” as our featured guest at the #30Seconds Twitter chat. During the chat, Gail helped us look at kindness in new ways. We kindly ask you to read on...

Q: Why are we kind?

It’s human nature to be kind; we express our genuine selves. When we are kind to others, we feel kind inside. The Golden Rule is, do unto others, as you want others to do unto you. We want to connect with others by being kind. It feels good to be kind. When we are kind, people are kind back.

Q: Why are we not kind?

Pretty simple, we are afraid. We don’t want to be hurt, so we put up a wall. We keep ourselves too busy; we think don’t have time to be kind. We forget the Golden Rule. Some people think other things are more important than being kind, like getting ahead. We’re not connected to ourselves and our intuition.

Q: When we’re kind to someone, we get something, as well. Why is that?

Giving is receiving. It’s a spiritual truth. We are all connected; when we make someone feel good, we feel good. When we give, our heart fills with joy. When we are kind, we are being our true selves, and that feels great.

Q: In this political climate, what random acts of kindness can help?

  • Pay-it-forward to the person next in line at Starbucks, or wherever you are.
  • Buy your neighbor a single rose.
  • Send an emoji or a soothing note to someone on Facebook who’s afraid.
  • When your table is ready at a restaurant, offer it to the people next in line.

Q: Who in your life needs kindness, and how will you show it?

  • I will be kind to my dog and cat by giving them extra treats.
  • I will be kind to my son’s teacher by sending a note of appreciation.
  • I will be kind to my husband by telling him how much I appreciate him.
  • I will be kind to my 30Seconds tribe by sending them viral kisses.

Q: Why are we “cruel to be kind?” Hint: Think tough love.

At times being kind to someone means giving them what they don’t want.

  • Parents can seem cruel to their kids when teaching them a lesson.
  • Parents can seem cruel to their kids when they tell them no.
  • Good friends tell us the truth and we don’t want to hear it.
  • Our spouse or good friend kicks us in the butt for our own good.

Q: Why is not being kind to OURSELVES a big mistake?

We are precious gems; we deserve to be kind to ourselves. If we aren’t kind to ourselves, we can’t be at our best for others. If we aren’t kind to ourselves we won’t be our best selves. Being kind to ourselves is how we love ourselves. Being kind to ourselves teaches our kids how to be kind to themselves – and to us.

Q: How will you be kind to yourself tomorrow?

Ask your intuition. When I hear negative inner messages I won’t listen.

  • I’ll blow myself a kiss in the mirror.
  • I will meditate.
  • I will take time to check inside and see what I need.
  • I will make myself the best cup of coffee and enjoy.

Q. How can we teach younger kids to act kindly towards kids that seem different?

  • Tell your child that being different is a beautiful thing.
  • Teach your child that people are like snowflakes. Each person is different in their own special way.
  • Tell your child that peoples’ hair, eyes, skin and looks can vary. It’s their kind heart that matters. 
  • Reward your child when you see them reach out to a child who is different than them.
  • Keep the conversation about the beauty of peoples’ differences alive in your home.

What great insights we learned tonight! Let’s all commit to performing at least one act of kindness in support of #NationalRandomActsofKindness! Be sure to follow @gailharris_, visit GailHarrisAuthor.comlike her on Facebook and check out her 30Seconds page!

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Nicole DeAvilla
Yes! More kindness, I am so glad you will be our guest this week and share your kind wisdom.
Gail Harris
Thanks Nicole DeAvilla and Kim Kusiciel . I am really looking forward to it, too. We have some interesting takes in store.
Kim Kusiciel
I love this topic and am so happy we have it this week! Thanks Gail Harris for chatting this week.
Nicole DeAvilla
Yes, Gail Harris is perfect for this topic. See you there Kim Kusiciel!
Meredith Schneider
Awesome topic! Our world could use more kindness everyday!
Nicole DeAvilla
Hi Correy Kustin ! Be sure to rsvp at the top right hand corner to be eligible for prizes! See you tonight.
Perfect topic!! This country can definitely use more kindness!
Awesome Topic! We for sure need more kindness in this world instead of Hate! See you tonight

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