Make Tooth Brushing Fun: 3 Ways to Makes Kids Want to Brush Their Teeth! by Kristin Salamon DDS

4 years ago
Make Tooth Brushing Fun:  3 Ways to Makes Kids Want to Brush Their Teeth!

Brushing the teeth should not be a chore! Here's some easy ways to make it super fun!

  • Act Silly - Nothing delights kids more than a silly parent. While brushing your child’s teeth, try singing or pretending to be a dentist with a British accent. My son loves when I use a high-pitched voice while I pretend to be germs escaping the brush.
  • Get App-y - There are some amazing apps out there (mostly for free!) that will entertain and distract your little one while you get the job done. They have 2-minute timers and usually virtual rewards like stickers or medals.
  • Fun Flavors - Get multiple toothpastes with different flavors to stick in the medicine cabinet. Your child can choose which one to use or can combo to make a toothpaste “swirl.”

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