There Are Glimmers of Hope & Kindness in These Contentious Times by Ann Marie Patitucci

7 years ago

There Are Glimmers of Hope & Kindness in These Contentious Times

I am a positive person by nature, but I have found myself feeling despair. Our country is divided. People are angry; many feel vulnerable. And yet I see glimmers of hope. When I have tuned out the news and tuned in to my communities, I have seen love, generosity and humanity.

  • I saw a young man withdraw cash from an ATM, turn around and notice a homeless woman, and give her the money.
  • I got a flat tire while traveling with my sons. Four men offered to help us. Then several police officers waited with us until roadside assistance arrived – and even began changing the tire themselves.
  • I’ve seen dozens of women rush to the aid of a young mom in need.
  • I’ve seen people open their homes to strangers.

There’s still so much good in the world. We just have to be tuned in to see it.

Elisa Schmitz
I couldn't love this any more, Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead! Thank you for always shining a light, even on the dark days. Yes, there is always hope. There is always kindness. There is always love. We just have to look for it, and if we don't find it, we have to BE IT. xoxo
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thank you, Elisa All Schmitz 30SecondMom ! There really is always something to be hopeful about, and there is kindness EVERYWHERE! xoxo
Gail Harris
You know I'm with ya' Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead @elisa. Hope soothes; and trusting the process heals.
Kim Kusiciel
Many of the Super Bowl Commercials showcased this kind of hope and kindness. It made my heart overflow with joy and even some tears. Thanks Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead for the reminders.
Ann Marie Patitucci
I loved the ads too, Kim Kusiciel ! Thanks for reading!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Yes! I gave my gloves to someone who was on the side of the road with a "help needed" sign. I was in my car and looked around at what I could offer. I thought that that was the most helpful thing I could provide in that moment. She looked so cold without gloves and I couldn't help but think about all the extra pairs I (and so many) have and take for granted. It was the least I could do. She was SO appreciative.
Kim Kusiciel
My neighbor needed a last minute sitter on Valentine's Day because her MIL was sick and couldn't watch her kids while she worked. Instead of passing on babysitter phone numbers, I took her three kids in and we had a fun Valentine's Dinner together with my three kids. We made homemade heart shaped pizzas, name cards for the table, cupcakes, and the kids even ate with candles lit! It was fun for all of us and helped her out when she was in need.
Candy Stephens
I had just gotten into my car to leave a shopping center when I saw an elderly lady struggling to get out of her car and taking her package in to be mailed. I got back out of my car and took a few seconds to help her with her item and the door. It is sad to me that people are so surprised when someone takes the time to lend a hand.
Ann Marie Patitucci
I love these examples of kindness from our community!
Nancy Dafoe
Love it. "We just have to be tuned in to see it." Thanks.
Erin Musto
I see it too and I welcome it... I welcome that light, that glimmer.
Dr. Lynne Kenney
We need to share and model kindness with our young children so that they grow up feeling like whole molecules, as my friend Nacho Arimany says. That you for sharing Ann Marie. Let us all be kind, thoughtful and emotionally available to those in need of tenderness.

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