News Media During the Election Season: How Politics Can Provide Teachable Moments for Kids by Dr. Jamie Krenn

3 years ago

News Media During the Election Season: How Politics Can Provide Teachable Moments for Kids

When faced with a decision, it's important to gather information. One takes evidence from within personal space or trusted sources. Educators, parents and citizens, in general, must understand that children are not brought into the world with these skills. Rather, children arrive into our society with the potential to this function. 

The news media is providing a plethora verbiage like:

  • unexpected decision
  • protest
  • implementation
  • ban
  • resistance
  • executive order
  • fake news

These words can make a child's world appear confusing, as many adults also question where heads of state, well, have their heads. Encourage children to talk about what they have heard. Often, we do not have the answers to why things happened, and it is entirely normal. Be honest. Discuss how people make decisions.

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