When Is It OK to Let Your Child Quit? Here Are 3 Tips That Can Help! by Mercedes Samudio

7 years ago

When Is It OK to Let Your Child Quit? Here Are 3 Tips That Can Help!

Is it ever OK to let your kid quit something? By following these three tips, you can be sure that even if your child decides to walk away, he’s making the best decision for his life. And, in that sense, he’s really not a quitter at all!

  • Set Realistic Goals: Have meaningful discussions with your children that focus on setting realistic goals that will move them closer to attaining their dreams.
  • Get to Know Your Child: You can begin to get to know your child better by planning dates – just the two of you. During this date let her talk about where she is in life and how she sees the world.
  • Check Your Own Baggage: Ask yourself what values you place on quitting, and reflect on the times that you quit something in your life, whether as a kid or an adult.
Erica Hornthal
Mercedes Samudio this is great. I see so many kids that are involved in something because the parents want it. Check you own baggage, indeed. :) Our children can make empowering smart decisions that can lead to greater successes, and we as parents can help. Great tips!

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