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Family Health & Wellness for 2017 With Dr. Shayna Mancuso! by Donna John

7 years ago
Family Health & Wellness for 2017 With Dr. Shayna Mancuso!

For most of us, having a happy and healthy 2017 is our No. 1 priority. But it can be hard to keep the whole family well and virus-free during winter months. Our good friend and 30Seconds contributor, Dr. Shayna Mancuso, joined us this week at our #30Seconds Twitter chat and offered expert advice on family health and wellness!

Q: It seems like kids are always sick in winter. What are some actions we can take to create a healthy family strategy?

  • Reinforce proper hand washing throughout the day. Also have kids change clothes directly after school.
  • Healthy eating: Protein, veggies, fruits with vitamin C and antioxidants. I think green smoothies are miracle workers!
  • Regular exercise for the whole family! I love family yoga sessions and family boot camps. (Bring it indoors in colder climates!)
  • Immunity-boosting essential oils may help, too!

Q: Any specific tips to fight the flu?

  • Good hand washing is key to preventing the spread of the flu virus. Use regular soap and warm water for 20 seconds.
  • Make sure to cover your mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing.
  • Get plenty of rest and increase fluids (water plus electrolytes) for little ones, and don’t forget Popsicles to get fluids in slow and steady.
  • Humidifiers, vaporizers, diffusing essential oils, steam showers, and treat fevers when appropriate.
  • Flu is contagious one day before symptoms begin until seven days after. Kids should not return to school until without fever for 24 hours.

Q: How important is sleep in keeping your family healthy?

So important! Studies show lack of sleep leads to fewer white blood cells and antibodies, which we need to fight infection. Generally…

  • toddlers need 11-13 hours of sleep per night
  • school-age kids require 10-11 hours
  • tweens need 9-10 hours
  • teens 8-9 hours

Q: What are some signs of when you should take your child to the doctor?

  • Any fever (defined as 100.4 or greater) in an infant 2 months or younger.
  • A fever that lasts two to three days in an older child (or a fever that is 102.0 or greater on day one).
  • Any signs of breathing heavier/deeper than usual, not eating, drinking or appearing dehydrated.
  • Excessive crankiness or sleepiness that persists.

Q: January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. It affects so many women and moms. Any thoughts on cervical cancer and why cervical cancer screening is important?

Cervical cancer occurs when cervical cells become abnormal and grow out of control over time. Most cervical cancers are caused by infection with HPV virus. HPV is a virus that can enter cells and cause them to change. It may take three to seven years for high-grade changes in cells to progress to cancer. Cervical cancer screenings may detect changes early.

Q: What are the latest recommendations for cervical cancer screening (pap tests)?

Pap tests should begin at age 21. The American College of OB/GYN recommends that women aged 21-29 years should have a pap test every three years. Women aged 30-65 years should have a pap test AND an HPV test every five years (OR a pap test alone every three years). These recommendations are for women who have a history of normal pap tests. Pelvic exams are still recommended annually.

What great advice! Be sure to follow  @DrShayna30like her on Facebook and check out her 30Seconds page!

Nicole DeAvilla
We need this info for keeping our kids healthy and for us moms and dads too. Thanks Dr. Shayna Mancuso for this chat.
jennah jackson
Can't wait to learn more!!!
Dr. Shayna Mancuso
Can't wait to chat with all of you tonight!
Here's to staying healthy!
Nicole DeAvilla
I love what you will be sharing with us! <3
Kim Kusiciel
Looking forward to it!
diane conover
diane conover Tweet ya there!I'm so in on staying healthy Thank You
Looking forward to learning how to provide and promote a healthier life for each of my children!!
great timing with this topic, can't wait Jennifer Essad
Kelli Porcaro
Sorry to miss tonight! Have a great chat!! #30Seconds
Nicole DeAvilla
We will miss you! See you next week.
Rachel W. Lewter
Should be very informative and of course we always have fun.
Meredith Schneider
Can't wait! Lots of important information I can't wait to hear about! 💋❤️
Chef Gigi
At work but I'll try to keep
One eye on Twitter !
Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
Working with Pre-k to first graders I am always surprised how many children are not able to use appropriate hygiene and spread germs. Teach your children how to cover their nose when they sneeze or cough. Also, teach them how to use a tissue correctly and hand sanitizer.

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