Save Your Money! 5 Fun Family Outings With Kids That Don't Cost a Thing! by jennah jackson

5 years ago
Save Your Money! 5 Fun Family Outings With Kids That Don't Cost a Thing!

I always find it's the simple things and the simple activities that don't cost much that are the most fun and memorable. You don't need a lot of money to have fun and be together! Here are some ideas!

  • Find out about community projects you can work on together.
  • Go on nature walks with a scavenger hunt list.
  • Bake (my kids love getting dirty in the kitchen).
  • Go to a nature center – it’s usually free – and learn about your state and what it has to offer.
  • There are always free museum days, so look into those. You could do a whole day of museums and have a homemade picnic at the park!

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Donna John
Love this, jennah jackson! So true that you can make memories without spending a lot (or any!) money. Welcome to the tribe! I look forward to your next tip!
Kelli Porcaro
Welcome to 30 Seconds jennah jackson! Looking forward to reading your tips!
Christine Jones
Welcome jennah jackson ! We're so glad to have you. This is a great list. My kids and I bake every week (often with the help of Duncan Hines) and it's often when we have the most laughs and I hear what's really going on at school!

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