Positive Energy: Here's a Fun New Year's Resolutions Exercise You've Gotta Try! by Kathy Korman Frey 

11 months ago
Positive Energy: Here's a Fun New Year's Resolutions Exercise You've Gotta Try!

Looking for a fun New Year's resolutions activity to do as a family and create positive energy? Grab the kids, some paper and markers and give this a try!

  • Write down bad stuff to let go of – and burn it.
  • Write down hopes, dreams, goals – and save it!

I learned about the value of "burning" the negative in various Eastern studies. I did this, for example, when I couldn't rent a property. I burned a "bad luck" key rope from the house, and guess what happened the next day? I got a tenant. Research shows that writing goals is key, and the clincher is answering how. For example: "I will workout three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday."

Good luck, and happy New Year! 

Donna John
What a great idea, Kathy Korman Frey ! Think this will be a tradition in our house from now on! Thanks for sharing, and welcome to the tribe!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Love this tip, Kathy Korman Frey ! I enjoy candles and can see how burning the negative would be incredibly empowering. Thank you so much for sharing!
Pam McCormick
Great idea! I think I'l make it a family activity/tradition every New Year. Thank you! 😊

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