Parents' Rights at Their Child's School: 9 Things You Need to Know! by Pepi Silverman

4 years ago
Parents' Rights at Their Child's School: 9 Things You Need to Know!

Parents play a powerful role in the education of their children, and knowing their rights helps to give them a voice at the table on behalf of their kids. Working with a school district can be intimidating, but with information, parents can be confident participants. 

  • Ask questions and EXPECT answers.
  • Put everything in writing to have a paper trail.
  • Schools are accountable, so ask for data.
  • Know your state’s procedural safeguards.
  • Parents are EQUAL decision-making partners.
  • Goals must be “observable and measurable.” 
  • Align goals with grade-level expectations.
  • School’s MUST investigate performance problems.
  • Meet as often as necessary to support your kids.

Persistence pays off, so don’t give up!

Sheryl Gould
Love this! Thank you for sharing these great tips!
Pepi Silverman
Parents know their children best and by being an active participant, your kids' educational services will be monitored to achieved their intended results. When the school team does not work collaboratively with parents, advocacy services can be helpful.

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