Rock On, Mom! Here's Why You Need to Do Things You Loved as a Kid! by Kara Bachman

7 years ago

Rock On, Mom! Here's Why You Need to Do Things You Loved as a Kid!

I read about a study that showed that people who attend music concerts more often tend to be happier. It really got me to thinking: why don't I do this more? Like most moms, my time is often split between work and chauffeuring kids around. I'm just too busy. But it's important that we make time for ourselves, and the best way is to do the type of things we loved when we were young! Consider doing one of the following to recharge your batteries:

  • Go to a concert. See a band or performer you loved as a kid or teen.
  • Go rollerskating in a rink! You'd be surprised how many memories it conjures and how good you'll feel afterwards. A bonus? The kids can join you!
  • Pursue the hobby that always interested you as a kid, but you couldn't afford. 
  • Re-read a book you used to love!

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Dr. Shayna Mancuso
This is so great! I'm a big proponent of doing things we used to love ... years ago!
It Keeps us young, healthy, and happy.
Elisa Schmitz
Yaaas, Kara Bachman and Dr. Shayna Mancuso! I'm all about the music - always have it on at home and so enjoy going to see it live (just like a teenager, LOL)!
Cheryl Leahy
I have been dying to go roller skating again! Great idea!

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