The Learning Process: 5 Tips to Help Manage Your Kid's Behavior! by Pepi Silverman

2 years ago
The Learning Process: 5 Tips to Help Manage Your Kid's Behavior!

As children develop, their behavior "communicates" the learning process. A child's irritability can reflect confusion or frustration. Withdrawn behavior can indicate fear or apprehension. Compliance can merely be a consequence of exposure. Parents can support their children and manage their behavior by using it as "communication." The following strategies can help to better manage their behavior: 

  • Early Intervention: Pre-teaching and preparation supports growth 
  • Keep a Journal: The context of behavior can help to understand it
  • Use a Break Card: Breaks can alleviate stress and prevent an episode 
  • Be Calm, But Assertive: Calm, firm tones provides structure for kids
  • Lower the Volume: Speaking quietly helps to calm children

Good luck, Mom and Dad!

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