Do You Suspect Your Child Has a Disability? 5 Things You Need to Know! by Pepi Silverman

4 years ago
Do You Suspect Your Child Has a Disability? 5 Things You Need to Know!

All kids develop at their own rate, but most parents whose children have been identified as having a disability knew well before their intuitions were confirmed. Research has shown that children identified EARLY have the greatest opportunity for positive outcomes, but what should parents identify to determine if their concerns are well founded? Consider these points:

  • Learning and attention difficulties adversely impact educational progress 
  • Know developmental milestones and how your child is progressing 
  • Document and share your concerns with your physician 
  • Consider consulting with a specialist for additional advice 
  • Reach out to an early intervention agency for a screening

Information is POWER and your instincts can help get your kids what they need to succeed!

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