Anticipating a Holiday Family Conflict? No Sweat! Try These 3 Quick Tips! by Kelli Schulte

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10 months ago
Anticipating a Holiday Family Conflict? No Sweat! Try These 3 Quick Tips!

Most relationship experts agree: at the heart of conflict is a breakdown of communication. And that breakdown includes a lack of listening to each other. So what does it take to be a good listener, one that listens deeply? It starts with building your self-awareness. This holiday season, challenge yourself to notice your:

  • Self-talk – Are you making judgments or assumptions? Instead focus on being open-minded so that you can hear all that is being said.
  • Emotions – What emotions are being triggered?
  • Actions – If you could hold your reaction, and instead choose an intentional response, what would it be?

Learning to listen well requires developing your self-awareness. Imagine a family, a community, a world, where deep listening was the norm. What a wonderful world it would be!

Donna John
Yes, Kelli Schulte! So many of us need to work on our listening skills. Love this tip!!!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Amen, Kelli Schulte! Thanks for always bringing the insights!!
Kelli Schulte
Thanks Donna John and Elisa All Schmitz 30SecondMom!! It's a lot easier said than done! :)

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