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#30Seconds Chat: Join Us for Last-Minute Holiday Tips, Tricks & Recipes! by Christine Jones

7 years ago
#30Seconds Chat: Join Us for Last-Minute Holiday Tips, Tricks & Recipes!

Holiday parties, family gatherings, last-minute shopping… We are in the crush of the holiday craziness! We hope you'll take an hour for yourself to decompress and share some laughs with friends at this week's #30Seconds (note our new hashtag!) Twitter chat. During this lively hour, we'll chat about everything holiday! We'll share our best tips and tricks on:

  • holiday stress busters
  • last-minute holiday food ideas
  • holiday travel
  • prep for the New Year
  • best of 2016 tips

Be prepared to have some fun, learn some great tips for surviving the holiday season and share your best ideas on managing holiday craziness and enjoying this time with family and friends!

Join us Wednesday, December 21 at 8 p.m. CST! RSVP by clicking the button on the top right to be eligible to win prizes and be part of the best moms' night in on Twitter. It's our Happy Hour!

Nicole DeAvilla
This is going to be a fun night! :)
Elisa Schmitz
So excited for this chat, our final moms' night in of 2016! Thanks for coordinating, Nicole DeAvilla! Chrissy Jones Donna John
Toni B
See you soon! Yeah! Happy Holidays!
Nicole DeAvilla
Yeah! It will be great to have you, Toni at our Happy Holidays last chat of the year! :)
Hope to make it tonight! My favorite chat all
Nicole DeAvilla
I hope you make it! We need your energy at our last chat of the year.
Holly Budde
I should be home by 8. Yay! see u all then
Nicole DeAvilla
Yay! See you soon. :)
Beth Aldrich, CHC, AADP, CNT
What a great way to end the year and ramp up for 2017~
Nicole DeAvilla
Really great way! Glad you will be there.
Holly Guski
Chat with you all Tonight! RSVP Holly Guski
Elisa Schmitz
Awesome! Be sure to click the RSVP button at the top right of this post, Holly Guski! See you tonight at #30Seconds chat. Happy holidays!
jennah jackson
Count me in 😆😆😆 can't wait to chat with y'all
Nicole DeAvilla
Yay! Be sure to click the RSVP button at the top right of this post, jennah jackson ! See you tonight at the #30Seconds chat
jennah jackson
I did tysm 😏🤗🤗
Nicole DeAvilla
See you soon Heather!
jennah jackson
Can't wait to chat girlie 😘
Feel Better Bear
Hey there 30SecondMoms!! One of the best ways to RELIEVE STRESS, aches & pains from shopping and hyper kids is to WARM UP your ALL NATURAL- FEEL BETTER BEAR!! Still on SALE on Amazon (Personal Health) THROUGH DEC 30 .. and a 30SecondMom FAVORITE as well!! Great for the entire family and a TEDDY BEAR THAT WILL ALWAYS MAKE YOUR FAMILY "FEEL BETTER"! HAVE A WONDERFUL CHAT AND ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY!!!
Elisa Schmitz
Love it, thank you! 💗
Can't wait to chat!! I need some stress tips!!
Sass Tucker
Tweet with you all tonight. Christmas is almost here and it will be fun to see what everyone is up to for the holiday!
Kim Zais
Can't wait I am rsvp and will chat with you all soon Infatuated™_desi®€
Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
Can't wait to chat with our tribe!
🐉 MOMonaMission 🐞
I'm not sure if I know what button your talking about to RSVP.
🐉 MOMonaMission 🐞
Found it.. Woohoo can't wait!
Can't wait to tweet with you soon! Happy Holidays!
Licia Michelle❤
Looking forward to tonight! This will be fun :)
Dolores Hall
got my RSVP in @DaQueen_MrsDIVA

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