Holidays & Winter Break: 5 Ways to Plan Ahead & Support Your Kids! by Pepi Silverman

Holidays & Winter Break: 5 Ways to Plan Ahead & Support Your Kids!

During the holidays and winter break, parents and teachers can assist their children and students by helping them to adjust to the many schedule changes that the coming weeks will entail. Support kids with advanced preparation, calendar instruction, routine reviews and activity rehearsals. 

  • Anticipate the novel experiences of the holidays and prepare children with advanced practice. 
  • Introduce children to the new people they will meet by sharing family photographs and telling cherished stories.
  • Consider changes in routines by creating a structure that can help kids to be ready for the new activities. 
  • Create soothing spaces to help kids deal with over-stimulation. 
  • Accept when certain holiday plans don’t work for your family.

Enjoy the season!

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