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Stop the Mom Shaming With Charong Chow & Mom.Life App! by Christine Jones

7 years ago
Stop the Mom Shaming With Charong Chow & Mom.Life App!

Unfortunately, the stories of mom shaming are endless and, sadly, it seems it's become a trend. We're sure you agree that this has got to stop! This week we were thrilled to welcome 30Seconds contributor Charong Chow as our featured guest at the #30SecondMom Twitter chat. We talked about how we can help put an end to mom shaming and support one another – and the new app!

Q: Tell us a little bit more about the app. What are the features and benefits for moms who download?

We're a social app for the modern mom. Chat, share photos, offer advice and track your pregnancy. What makes the app unique is the live moderation. No mom shaming allowed! The app offers private chats for groups, fun interactive games with prizes and more. We're adding MomRadar – it offers informative mini-apps, online content from media partners, bloggers and more. The app recently launched a #StopMomShaming campaign.

Q. How many of you have dealt with mom shaming? What were you shamed for?

Mom shaming is a big deal. Our survey showed 80 percent of moms had been shamed. (Read more  here.) The 80 percent is four out of every five moms being shamed. The findings were startling. We love this video that @jennyonthespot created on the topic of mom shaming! (Watch the video here!) Of the moms we surveyed, 67 percent were shamed by other moms. Not cool. Most moms were shamed for feeding choice. @AudreyMclellan and @VeraSweeney shared their experience here

Q: What advice can you offer app users and moms everywhere for how to cope with mom shaming?

Q: The holidays are upon us. What’s your best tips for app users and moms everywhere for enjoying the holiday season without becoming stressed?

  • Check expectations at the door. 
  • It is OK to say “no.” 
  • Remember, the holidays should be about quality time with your kids and family. 
  • Don’t be afraid to cut corners during the holidays – order out, hit up Amazon, buy pre-baked cookies.

Q: The folks at are always on the hunt for the best apps and tools to organize our life. What are your favorites?

Q: At, mom hacks are the secret to sanity. What’s your best mom hack for things like feeding baby, organizing your child’s space and keeping up with routines and rituals?

  • Read our bottle and breastfeeding hacks  here.
  • We love this hack for storing breast milk from @lovelyluckylife using … wait for it … soda boxes! Find out more here
  • Don’t be afraid to use what you already have and store kid items mixed in with regular like  @ProductvePretty. Learn more here.
  • And where was this  DIY nursing top or bottle cage idea when we needed it? Brilliant! 

Be sure to visit to download this cool app! Follow @mom_life_app to continue to support their #StopMomShaming campaign and check out Charong's 30Seconds page!

Nicole DeAvilla
I am looking forward to being part of this important conversation. Can't wait to hear your tips Charong Chow . :)
Can't wait to check this out!
Kathy Ast
Great topic! Can't wait!
Elisa Schmitz
Hey Kathy Ast-Kutzbach! I hope you will share some tips on 30Seconds soon. You and Stacie Ast-Kutzbach have so much perspective to share! xoxo
Christine Jones
Such an important conversation!
sherry bracy
Charong Chow sounds like such an Inspiration for us all! cannot wait to learn more and to chat with you all! See you there! :)
Exactly instead judging helping or just let it be. Why do we need all this anxiety. I hope this convo is also for young moms like teen moms. Moms of all kind. Stress is stress lets just be friends damn it we are colleagues if you think about it. Mom to mom
Susan T
This is such a great topic! I feel like this is such an issue and it's so sad! Rsvp Susan T
Great topic. To much negativity in this world we need to be nicer to each other ❤️
Jennifer Kloch-Davis
Love the topic! #30SecondMom
Elisa Schmitz
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Meredith Schneider
Looking forward to it! Such an important topic!<3
traci breazeale
Such an important topic. Lots to learn at this one
Holly Budde
looking forward to it ! see u at 8 :)
Can't wait to chat!
Licia Michelle❤
Looking forward to the chat!
Mary G
Excited! Tweet y'all tonight
Dr. Shayna Mancuso
Looking forward to the chat!!
Amber Cheras
yay! rsvp shadow62310

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