Take the Guesswork Out of Essential Oils With Rocky Mountain Oils, for Parents & Kids Alike! by Francielle Daly

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7 years ago

Take the Guesswork Out of Essential Oils With Rocky Mountain Oils, for Parents & Kids Alike!

Wow! I recently received some sample products from Rocky Mountain Oils, and was I impressed. What great essential oils! Each of the oils I received smelled amazing, and the accompanying instructions on how to use them were simple to follow. Where have these been all my life?!

The Kids Line is super easy to use, and they cover a variety of situations your kids may encounter (focus issues, insects, aching muscles, etc). I love the fact that they're safe to apply right away on children 2 years and older. All of the 10 blends in the Kids Line come pre-diluted and are safe to use on my children’s skin. Another bonus is that they come in roll-on bottles, so they don't require you to use some type of additional carrier oil. My oldest daughter, age 8, now consistently asks for the Counting Sheep oil blend before bedtime. She loves how it helps her drift into dreamland!

I also received some incredible essential oils for myself. I have a diffuser at home, and each oil had amazing wellness benefits (and smelled divine, too). I used the Purify blend to clean our bathroom counters and sink, and then I put some oil in my diffuser to freshen up the room. We also added the Tea Tree essential oil to our shampoo for an extra boost. There are so many ways to use these great products, and I'm excited to keep exploring all their benefits for my family!

Learn more about Rocky Mountain Oils essential oils here!

Elisa Schmitz
Thanks for sharing your review of Rocky Mountain Oils, Francielle Daly! So great to hear they're working well for you. Mine should arrive soon, so excited to share with friends and family! xoxo
Christine Jones
My kids loved this line as well Francielle Daly !
Best Beard Oil
very interesting , good job and thanks for sharing

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