Why I'm Not a Fan of Online Driver's Education Classes for Teenagers by Holly Budde

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6 years ago
Why I'm Not a Fan of Online Driver's Education Classes for Teenagers

My daughter will be eligible for driver's education and her subsequent permit in one week! All I hear is how she can’t wait to drive. Well, guess what? Me either! She can take herself and occasionally pick up her little sister for me. In fact, I'm counting down, too! My mom taxi is due a break!

The deal is, I'm making her sign up for the course in person. She's mortified I won’t let her take it online. "Everyone else just does online." Yeah? tough! Instructor-based or no permit! I want her to learn from a certified instructor she doesn’t know, who she'll respect and listen to. Of course she can drive with me, too! But I want to know someone she can't ignore or argue with taught her the rules of the road. It’s my little way of feeling like I did all I could to keep her safe.

Donna John
Holly Budde , I agree 100 percent! I made all of my kids go to driver's school. I did try with my oldest, but, like you said, she didn't want to listen to me. Knew everything! It gave me peace of mind knowing that they had to actually learn about driving. Thanks for sharing this with the tribe!
Holly Budde
Very few things I make her do my way and only my way. But some things require tough love. shes conceded to the class. I think she realized i wasnt bending. her permit means more to her than it does me :)

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