Rocky Mountain Oils Turns Fussy Evenings With Kids Into Counting Sheep (With Essential Oils for Mom, Too)! by Meredith Schneider

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6 years ago

Rocky Mountain Oils Turns Fussy Evenings With Kids Into Counting Sheep (With Essential Oils for Mom, Too)!

Oh, my goodness, I so love using Rocky Mountain Oils' Counting Sheep and Lavender Hungary oils! Bedtime with my youngest of four kids is always a challenge, so I was very excited to use the Counting Sheep as soon as possible. After bath time, I roll the essential oil on my kids' backs. They love the scent and now have gotten into the habit of reminding me to not forget to put it on them after they are dried off. By the time hair and teeth are brushed, they are so ready to lay down without a fuss, as my little lambs are too sleepy to count sheep. 

Counting Sheep has eliminated the bedtime drama of the constant, “I’m not tired, I’m not tired” rants. I would recommend this essential oil to any mom that struggles to get their little ones down for the evening. I love that it's super affordable, too! It’s an awesome price for the incredible quality of the oil.

As for me, once the house is quiet, I look forward to treating myself with the Lavender Hungary essential oil. After a crazy busy day, the oil helps me decompress, unwind and relax into a peaceful sleep. I would recommend every mom add Lavender Hungary to her nightly routine.

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Counting Sheep Essential Oil $14.95
Has a warm, woodsy scent that calms the mind and body, leaving your little (and not so little!) ones relaxed and ready for bedtime.
Lavender Hungary Essential Oil $21
The sweet floral aroma can promote general mental and physical well-being. Try using it in a bath oil or in our DIY personal care products. Include in a massage oil for increased relaxation. Allow the wonderfully familiar aroma to sweep you into restful sleep.
Elisa Schmitz
I love this review, Meredith Schneider! So glad Rocky Mountain Oils are working for you and your family. I placed a big order yesterday and can't wait to get mine so I can share with my friends and family. And, your kids are so so cute (like their mama)!! xoxo
Meredith Schneider
Looks like it's gonna be a Counting Sheep evening Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds ! I'm in love with Rocky Mountain Oils Oh have you tried the muscle soothe one? Great for achy muscles. :)

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