Participate in Your Child's Education: How to Be a "Data-Driven" Parent! by Pepi Silverman

Participate in Your Child's Education: How to Be a "Data-Driven" Parent!

Modern education is all about "data" and knowing how to interpret that data will help you partner more effectively with your child's teachers. Student progress is measured continually throughout the school year and not just at report card times. Most public schools engage in what is called "Universal Screenings," which are assessments that are administered at appointed times across the school year. It allows the school to develop grade-level normative performance data to determine whether students may benefit from additional school-based instructional interventions.

  • As parent/teacher conferences are scheduled be prepared to discuss how your child performed and how to compare his or her performance to grade level peers. 
  • Progress updates throughout the year will help you see their growth. 

Helping parents to be active participants in their child's education will help them support academic growth. Most families aren't aware of school assessment practices.

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