Beyond Words: Kids Can Be Great Teachers If Parents Watch & Pay Attention! by Pepi Silverman

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11 months ago
Beyond Words: Kids Can Be Great Teachers If Parents Watch & Pay Attention!

Watch and learn from your children as a guiding light for your focus as a parent. In monitoring our children, it is often not what kids say, but in what they do that is the most telling about what they might need from their parents.

  • If your child's eating habits change, if their sleeping patterns change, if their self-care skills change, parents must be responsive in their call to action.
  • Kids are hard-wired to be active learners. If they are resistant to participating in their schooling, that needs parents' attention.
  • Kids want to please the adults in their lives. If they resist or retreat from their teachers, that needs parents' attention.

Schools work to partner with parents. For more information, check out Bridge Educational Advocacy.

Donna John
Great point, @Pepi.Silverman. A good reminder to parents. Thanks for sharing!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Wonderful tips for parents, thanks @Pepi.Silverman!

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