Use The Election to Teach Your Teens the Power of Democracy! by Margaret Steck

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2 years ago
Use The Election to Teach Your Teens the Power of Democracy!

In the coming days and weeks, we'll be hearing quite a lot about the election results and what that means for our country. Regardless of your views, this is the perfect opportunity to empower your teen and to use this time as a valuable teaching tool for democracy. Your teen may be eligible to vote during the next Presidential Election in 2020, so now is the perfect time to:

  • Instill confidence that he or she will have a say who will run the country in four years.
  • Show them how to go beyond rhetoric and media hype and weigh the pros and cons of candidates (and legislation, too!) by looking at the facts.

Teach with an open mind and an open heart so that by the next presidential election cycle, your teen will be ready to exercise the right to vote!

Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
You are so right, Margaret Steck! I'll never forget voting with my son for the first time. And my twin daughters have been so engaged this election, despite not being able to vote yet! Important lessons!

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