2016 Post-Election Blues? Be Heard By Surrounding Yourself With Likeminded People! by Stephen Dimmick

7 years ago

2016 Post-Election Blues? Be Heard By Surrounding Yourself With Likeminded People!

Because of the election results, I have struggled over the last 24 hours, dealing with the most volatile emotions - from anger to the utter depths of despair and fear. Love is something I’m finding very difficult to access at the moment so here I am - attempting to lift not only myself, but those around me who may be feeling lost in hopelessness and unworthiness. If there is one thing I have learned over my 48 years of living on this planet is that in order for us to be able to move into a space of love in such a difficult time is that we need and deserve to be heard. That our emotions are valid, no matter what those emotions are. 

The anger is not a belief I hold in my heart. It’s a feeling spurred on by having the safety and security of my life, family and friends threatened. Sometimes I’m very vocal on social media about it and sometimes I keep it to myself and sometimes I have just barely enough foresight to share it with those who will not judge me in my abject fear. Not everyone has the capability to just listen without judgement. I’m mostly met with "calm down" or "get back to love.” While I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment, I walk away feeling unheard and that my feelings aren’t valid. 

I’m here to tell you that you ARE heard. That your feelings ARE valid - the good, the bad and the ugly. As a whole human, ugliness is part of me as much as love is. It’s through accepting all aspects of myself that I have the best chance at being the best person I can be. Never forget that your family reaches far beyond the four walls you call home. It’s in the hearts of those who think and feel just like you. Loving thy neighbor or family of origin does not mean they need to be in your life - whether in real time, out in the world or online. Today, I choose to walk on the very wide path with my brothers and sisters who seek the same life I seek, and I get to close the door on those who I do not align with. THANK YOU for giving me this space to get back to the path of rising up back to the space of love and compassion.

Elisa Schmitz
Thank you, Stephen Dimmick, for sharing what's in your heart. These are turbulent times, and emotions are running hard. You're right that everyone deserves to be heard, no matter what it is that they're feeling - they have a right to those emotions. And, if that means you need to choose carefully who you surround yourself with, that's what you need to do. Self-care is a huge priority, especially now. I'm grateful for your sharing, and I want you to know that you are an amazing person who touches many lives in a positive way. Thank you for all you share and all you are. Sending much love and hugs your way. xoxo
Meredith Schneider
The past 24 hours has been a range of emotions I'm having a hard time putting into words. Not only for me and my husband but the range of emotion and conversations we have been having with our kids, especially after them sharing with us what kids are saying at school. Sad. Taking lots of deep breaths today and turning my disappointment into a brighter light. We all must shine on and provide the light and motivation for others to keep forging ahead for themselves, ourselves, family and friends. We can't let anything take that from any of us! xoxoxo <3 Love you Stephen Dimmick thank you for being you and sharing this.
Sujata Gazder
Stephen- I think you gave voice to the feelings of despair and vitriol a lot of us are feeling. I feel it is very important to vent, rave and rail against the fear and anger that resulted in a demagogue being elected to represent America....even though one might be quick to judge that then aren't we the same as the others?! Let us pass through all these stages of grief - shock, denial, despair, anger and so on. It is our grief at the loss of decency. It is our grief at the loss of rationality. It is our grief that today we have to explain to our children that bullies and bigots can win. But after this purge we will go back to being strong, sentient humans.....and we will rise up in this democracy and hold this new President and his party accountable. We will not hide. We have a purpose... to keep America great!
Stephen Dimmick
We ARE stronger together!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thank you, Stephen. I think many people needed to hear this. Your feelings are valid, too. All our feelings are. Sending love to you.
Naimah Razak
We will all come out of this election stronger and better.
Thank you Stephen! Your words offered comfort this morning as I continue to grieve for my country. I have closed many doors over the past couple of days and while I do believe that everyone has a right to express themselves and vote they way the believe-I have more of a right to surround myself with people who lift me and others. I believe that we will rise and become stronger as a result of the lessons learned in this election but much healing is needed first.
Stephen Dimmick
It's a relief and very uplifting to see how big my family truly is. Thank you so much beautiful women of #30second <3

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