Elect to Be Positive: What I Said to My Daughter After the 2016 Election by Holly Budde

7 years ago

Elect to Be Positive: What I Said to My Daughter After the 2016 Election

Election results brought with it the most emotional reactions I can ever recall. I immediately thought of my kids and their friends. It's expected – someone is going to get hurt as they discuss their fears or blames. As parents, this is a golden opportunity to teach our children empathy and respect for their classmates. It is also a wonderful time to talk to them about the privileges we have as Americans.

I told my daughter this morning, "Everyone votes for what they believe is best for their private situation. My vote may not match that of your friends' moms, but I promise you we all voted for what we felt was best for our families. How lucky are we to have the right to do so?"

Keep your words positive. Kids echo what their parents say!

Donna John
What a great message, Holly Budde . Thank you so much for sharing.
Elisa Schmitz
Great teachable moment, Holly Budde! Thank you for sharing this, it's really helpful!
Kelli Porcaro
What a great interaction to teach empathy Holly Budde love it.
❤️KJ❤️RN❤️ Blunt
That is so beautiful! It's been such a tough day for some, & then happy for others! Hate today has to STOP & what a better way to start with than your own hearts & the ones that look at yours! Thank YOU
Christine Jones
Great message Holly Budde ! It's so important to remind our kids how lucky we are that we all get a vote. And now that the votes have come in we must respect the outcome and be kind to those that are disappointed and those that are pleased.
Naimah Razak
Great message. So important to teach our children the value of respecting everyone's choice, negotiating peaceful conversations and replacing fear with love and compassion.

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