Have a New Baby? 2 Simple Secrets to Having an "Easy" Baby (Really)! by Eirene Heidelberger

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7 years ago

Have a New Baby? 2 Simple Secrets to Having an "Easy" Baby (Really)!

Having a baby is definitely not easy. Nor is being a mom. Want to know two secrets that worked for me? A baby who sleeps and is on a schedule are the two most important keys to creating a peaceful family life. 

  • A baby who properly sleeps is easy because his mood is directly tied to sleep and, when it's the right amount, he is content and happy. Sleep-deprived babies can be criers and that is stressful for Mom!
  • The second factor in raising an easy baby is one on a schedule – humans thrive on routine. Schedules set clear expectations for you and your child and makes Baby feel secure. Why? He will always know what to expect throughout his day. The best part for creating a schedule for your baby? Mom knows exactly when she has time for a solo shower, a quiet cup of coffee and when to run errands.

Good luck!

Elisa Schmitz
I agree, Eirene Heidelberger - sleep and schedule are key for parents and babies alike!

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