Make Bedtime Easier With Rocky Mountain Oils: How "Counting Sheep" Essential Oils Can Help Improve Kids' Sleep! by Holly Budde

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7 years ago

Make Bedtime Easier With Rocky Mountain Oils: How "Counting Sheep" Essential Oils Can Help Improve Kids' Sleep!

Rocky Mountain Oils develops pure essential oils that are safe to use for overall family wellness. I tried their "Counting Sheep" blend, and it could not have arrived at a better time! My 8-year-old was wound up after being ill last weekend, and bedtime wasn't her thing this week.

Rocky Mountain Oils’ Counting Sheep roll-on blend is safe for children ages 2 and older. Its relaxing mix of Lavender, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli can help kids drift off to sleep more peacefully, so I was excited to try it. After my daughter's shower, I simply rolled Counting Sheep onto her back and feet, and massaged it in. We read a story and I turned off the lights. She was off to dreamland in no time! 

Whether your child is afraid of the dark or anxious about school, Counting Sheep’s soothing blend can provide the calm they need. Just apply a few strokes of the convenient roll-on blend to your child’s feet every night before bed for maximum results.

I was so impressed that I did even more research on Rocky Mountain Essential Oils' unique products. The company has an informative website and a fascinating blog, as well as a starter's guide for beginners. I would recommend this product for adults and kids alike. It not only smells amazing, but in my experience, it can create a more restful night's sleep!

Donna John
Definitely going to try this essential oil, @tweenspot. I have trouble sleeping sometimes and don't like to take anything orally. I do sometimes, but I try to avoid it. Going to order some of it this week. Value your opinion and looking forward to trying it!
Christine Jones
I love this product Holly Budde ! I started using it recently with my 10 yr old son and 7 yr old daughter and now they request it every night!
Elisa Schmitz
Counting Sheep sounds like an amazing way to help both kids and adults prepare for a better night's sleep. I'm anxious to try this for my teens and for myself! Thanks for sharing your experience, Holly Budde!
Naimah Razak
This sounds great. i will have to try this product out.
Holly Budde
I simply love counting sheep. It worked to ease my back pain too after falling too. It’s a win win at our house. Just ordered more !
Jessica Acree
Just clicked on over and bought this! My daughter hates admitting she's tired and is an early riser after crashing late, so her sleep bank is often depleted. HOPING FOR A MIRACLE... I owe you a drink if this works Holly Budde :)
Sheri B Doyle
One of my closest friends swears by Rocky Mountain Oils. After reading this I definitely need to try them!
Holly Budde
I’ve had the best experience w them. I use Counting sheep myself! I roll it on my back when I’m having trouble. Wake up without pain

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