Your Inner Wisdom Is Tugging! 5 Reasons Why Listening Benefits Everyone! by Gail Harris

9 months ago
Your Inner Wisdom Is Tugging! 5 Reasons Why Listening Benefits Everyone!

Mom, when you’re in tune with yourself, it shows. When you make decisions based on what’s right for you and your family, and not what the latest bestseller recommends, that’s living from the inside out. It’s a pretty brave way to live. Having an inner life as well as an outer life is your connection to spirit, which brings inner peace and harmony. Sure things happen in life that make you happy – but so it is given, so it is taken away.

But your connection to self or God or that which is greater than yourself, and the joy it brings, can never be taken away from you – no matter what happens. Want five tangible benefits for trusting your deepest self?

  • Your child feels your love.
  • You rise above life’s drama.
  • You know your priorities.
  • You choose wisely.
  • You love yourself.
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Donna John
What an inspiring tip, @gailharris. We are so lucky to have you in the 30SecondMom tribe!

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