Bloggers: Should You Strive for Organic Reach or Promote Your Posts? Read This! by Naimah Razak

6 years ago

Bloggers: Should You Strive for Organic Reach or Promote Your Posts? Read This!

If you're a blogger who wants to get his or her posts noticed, try these tips for organic reach!

  • Ensure that the material is relatable to your audience. This means refrain from posting all the cute animal videos if it doesn't pertain to your blog or business.
  • Be consistent. In order for you to be of value to people, you have to consistently "show up."
  • Provide quality content. Every post should not be a repin, retweet or shared post. You have to be taking the time to create quality content. Quality over quantity works wonders.
  • Set a schedule. Perhaps start by committing to one quality post per week and upping that number as the time progresses and as you gain more confidence.

If you stick with this plan, you will be boosting your organic reach without paying anything!

Donna John
Bloggers, another way to showcase and promote your posts is through 30Seconds! Join our tribe and find out how incredible 30Second's reach is. You can sign up in literally 30 seconds and be on your way to building your audience - and being part of an amazing group of people. Come on! These are great tips, Naimah Razak !
Kelli Porcaro
Great tip Naimah Razak Thanks for sharing. I definitely need to work on being more consistent!!

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