On the Fence About Getting Your Kids a Dog for Christmas? Think About This... by Gail Harris

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2 years ago

On the Fence About Getting Your Kids a Dog for Christmas? Think About This...

Love. Caring. Fun. Responsibility. Even if your child is very young, having a dog fosters learning. Already have one? Then I know you know what I mean. I was never a dog person. But my son was probably a dog in a former life. By the time he was 5, I knew that I could not NOT get him a dog!

So we did our research and decided upon a rare breed called Coton de Tulear, because they are true companion dogs. That was six years ago, and to this day I tell my son, “Thank you. Because of you, I know what loving a dog is all about.” He beams. Every time.

But I think any dog will do. The joy that our Dukie has brought into our home makes me know that we always get what we need and love is what matters most. Dogs aren’t for every family. But if you have ever considered it, I say, ruff, ruff.

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Elisa Schmitz
So true! We love our yellow Lab. Thanks, Gail Harris!
Gail Harris
Sure. From one dog lover to the next. Elisa All 30SecondMom
Naimah Razak
i like this, although i def go back and forth on this issues.
Gail Harris
Hi @naimah. What are your pros and cons? Maybe I can help.
Naimah Razak
my con is that we have 4 kids and i just feel that while its great and they can take on this responsibility, they really aren't old enough and i don't know if we have the time right now.
Mike Prochaska
My con was no backyard so really I
Be walking the dog
Naimah Razak
also, let me be real honest-- i can't wait to potty train my baby and the idea of having a pet to clean up after...makes me...idk
Gail Harris
Well, you may know that my focus in life is trusting our intuition. So, you know what you need to do, whether it's wait until the potty train is completed or whatever. You seem pretty clear that you need to wait. And when you do get the little (or big) pooch, the timing will be perfect.
Mike Prochaska
Can get an older dog that already potty trained. In beginning might be few accidents. I just had to clean one up today but it the first day
Naimah Razak
yes, i would want to give a pet the kind of life he/she deserves and like you said, intuition wise- now doesn't seem great.
Naimah Razak
we'll just stick to our fish. haha clean the tank every 3 weeks and we're good to go.
Gail Harris
That's funny. You've got this.
Mike Prochaska
I always killed the fish. Dog is easier my view. Always kill the plants too over water or under water.
Donna John
Did you just get a dog, Mike Prochaska ???
Mike Prochaska
Yes just got yesterday. We got
An 3 year old. A little older then a puppy with a 5 and 6 year old
In house She was rescued from hurricane.
Ann Marie Patitucci
We just got a puppy on Sat., Mike Prochaska ! A 5 mo. old Bull Terrier!
Mike Prochaska
We just got a mutt from the shelter. My kids are more then excited. Just trying to adjust to the work a dog adds. But every kid should have a dog...
Gail Harris
Mike Prochaska . Every kid should definitely have a dog. Good luck and have fun.

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