Mindfulness Can Help Your Parenting: 6 Things Moms & Dads Need to Be Aware Of! by Doctor Harmony

4 years ago
Mindfulness Can Help Your Parenting: 6 Things Moms & Dads Need to Be Aware Of!

Do you give into your child's crying, whining or tantrums? Is it hard to keep firm limits and to follow through with consequences? Time pressures and life stress can make it hard to be consistent with parenting, but can be out of our control. What is within our control? Often our feelings may affect how we react to our kids' behavior. Be mindful of your feelings, such as:

  • guilt
  • worry
  • fear
  • helplessness
  • anger
  • sadness

If we are unaware, it can lead to giving into our kids' demands. This leads to a vicious cycle, reinforcing our children's whining and other unwanted behavior. Be aware of your feelings and ask, "Is it going to help my child to grow into a resilient responsible adult if I act on my feelings now?” Accept and tolerate your emotional discomfort. It teaches you about yourself, helps parenting and builds resilience.

Jennison Grigsby
Yes this is so spot on!

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