National Kick Butt Day: 5 Great Ways to Celebrate With Your Kids by Gail Harris

a year ago
National Kick Butt Day: 5 Great Ways to Celebrate With Your Kids

What’s the point of National Kick Butt Day? As far as I’m concerned, it’s feeling empowered and great about yourself, and modeling that for your child. So if you’re feeling down and blue, kick butt!

Often, feeling bad is just a habit. You know what I mean? Tell those bad feelings, “Thank you very much. Now, go sit in the corner.” You’ll be amazed at how your life suddenly shines. When you know that your true power comes from within you can teach that to your child. So, here’s your NKB Day assignment:

  • Kick any negative feelings you have in the butt. And I mean kick!
  • Tell your child that they are king of the hill.
  • Ask them how they want to show that to the world.
  • Share with them the perfect version of their idea.
  • Celebrate that YOU are the imperfect woman you long to be.

Let’s kick butt today!

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Kelli Porcaro
Love this Gail Harris! I think everyday should be National Kick Butt day!!
Gail Harris
Thanks @kellischulte. How do you kick butt?
Donna John
Yes, this has inspired me, too, Gail Harris! No negative feelings today. Going to kick butt on my to-do list today!!
Gail Harris
Yay @donna. Mission accomplished!
Gail Harris
I am picking butt being my mostimperfect self Donna John
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Monday is an awesome day to kick butt! Thanks for the great start to my day, Gail Harris!
Gail Harris
@elisa. You're most welcome. Please be sure to see to my email and confirm receipt. Much thanks.
Mei Marcie
Sometimes I wish though that someone other than me will do the kick-butting, I just want to chill! lol Gail Harris

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