5 Creative Ways to Get Rid of All of That Halloween Candy! by Christine Jones

7 years ago

5 Creative Ways to Get Rid of All of That Halloween Candy!

My kids love Halloween and they take trick-or-treating very seriously! And while it's fun to collect a massive haul of treats and get your fill of candy, after a few days, I just need to get rid of it. Here are five things to do to get rid of the Halloween candy stash aside from just eating it!

  • The Switch Witch: I love this! A few nights after Halloween, after the kids have enjoyed plenty of their favorite fun-sized candy bars, the Switch Witch comes to our house (just like Santa or the Tooth Fairy). She takes away the remaining candy and in its place, she switches it for a toy that the child has been wanting. My kids are always happy to lose the candy to a new pack of Pokemon cards, a new book or a video game. I love that they indulge for a night or two, but then I can put an end to it!
  • Decorate for the Holidays: Put some of the candy away in the back of the pantry to use to decorate your gingerbread house or cookies during the holidays.
  • Bake With It: It's so easy to whip up a batch of cookies or brownies with your leftover candy. Not only will you have fun baking with the kids but you’ll use the bulk of your candy up quickly. Throw M&M's into cookie batter and peanut butter cups into brownies.
  • Sell Your Candy: Many pediatric dentist offices offer a candy buyback program. Cash for candy?! My kids are in!
  • Share It With an Office: Every year, I send a bag of our Halloween candy to my husband’s office and every year he tells me how thankful everyone was to have it. Such a simple idea and one that is often overlooked.

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Elisa Schmitz
We have so much leftover candy, Chrissy Jones, thanks for the ideas!
Chef Gigi
I think I might need to switch witch every night between 8 and 10 PM to come and take all the snack foods away from me! This is an awesome post thanks ! Chrissy Jones
Naimah Razak
i need the switch witch in my life everyday, after the kids go to bed. haha

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