Cyber Bullying: 5 Signs That Your Child May Be a Victim! by Donna John

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6 years ago

Cyber Bullying: 5 Signs That Your Child May Be a Victim!

Cyber bullying is unfortunately on the rise. Unlike bullying, cyber bullying doesn't stop when children come home from school – it can happen all hours of the day, every day of the week and any child with a cell phone or social media account is susceptible to cyber bullying. It’s important for parents to pay attention to their children's behavior on and off their devices in order to prevent such dangerous situations. Chris Rothey, executive chairman of Net Nanny, shares these tips to help parents be aware and to help spot the warning signs of cyber bullying! Look for:

  • uneasy, nervous or scared about going to school or outside
  • nervous or jumpy when receiving a text, or on social media while using their device
  • upset or frustrated after going online – this includes gaming
  • unwilling to discuss or share information about their online accounts and activity
  • loss of interest in favorite hobbies or activities

To learn more about Net Nanny, click here!

Charong Chow
Such an important topic. Thanks for sharing!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Great information on an important topic that affects us all. Thanks, Donna John !

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