Teens, Bullying & Substance Abuse: 4 Things Parents Need to Know! by Donna John

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7 years ago
Teens, Bullying & Substance Abuse: 4 Things Parents Need to Know!

Bullying can lead to emotional trauma and pain. As a result, some teens may unfortunately turn to dangerous coping mechanisms such as alcohol and drug use, which can lead to larger mental health and addiction problems down the road. Newport Academy, a facility that provides teens and their families with the highest-quality care and treatment for trauma, mental health issues, eating disorders and substance abuse, shares these facts parents need to know:

  • Teens who are bullied have a greater risk of developing mental health disorders, including depression, panic attacks, anxiety and agoraphobia.
  • Both male and female bullying victims consider suicide more often than their non-bullied peers.
  • Bullied teens tend to drink alcohol when alone, rather than in social settings compared to non-bullied peers.
  • Victims of bullying smoke cigarettes and marijuana in higher percentages than students who are not involved in bullying.

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Elisa Schmitz
This is such frightening information, but every parent needs to read this. Thank you, Donna John, and @www.NewportAcademy.com!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Donna John ! Bullying is a serious issue- I think of it as an epidemic- and and it can have tragic consequences for our kids.

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