Here's One Thing Every Mom Needs to Do - at Least a Little Bit! by Gail Harris

7 years ago

Here's One Thing Every Mom Needs to Do - at Least a Little Bit!

If you have a newborn you‘re excused. But for the rest of us moms, there comes a time or a moment when we need to LET GO! Even for just few minutes. It’s hard. I know. We’re like the Hindu goddess Kali, the lioness who will care for her cubs with a loving tenderness yet kill anything in sight that threatens her young. But nature showed her how to let go, little by little, too.

Giving your child the right amount of independence is good for them. It shows them that you trust them, which shows them that they can trust themselves. And trust you. And if you letting go is so good for them, it also has to be good for you. Life works that way. You see, when you let go, you receive more than you may realize. When you let go, you actually receive yourself – a stronger, wiser, more loving you.

Donna John
This is a hard one, @gailharris. I've never looked at it this way, tho, that it makes US stronger. Thanks, once again, for sharing your insights and wisdom!
Elisa Schmitz
You are so good, Gail Harris! You just made this mom feel a whole lot better about letting go. Gracias, chica! xoxo
Chef Gigi
awe ! It's so hard to let go thank you Gail Harris
Naimah Razak
My 8 year old recently shed some light on this. He said "mom just trust me, I can do this alone" with reference to an activity I wanted to help on and I could tell giving him that independence and inherent trust was so important. Great reminder!
Gail Harris
Oh, I love all your comments. I did't receive notification about a few of them, so am getting back to you all now. I think what your son said Naimah Razak sums it up. It is about trust, and kids now the truth. they are not tainted yet, like we are. We all gotta work at the trust!!! Thanks, guys. Elisa All 30SecondMom Chef Gigi Gaggero, Donna John

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