Moms: When You Lead, Your Kids Will Follow – to Fall Family Fun! by Gail Harris

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2 years ago
Moms: When You Lead, Your Kids Will Follow – to Fall Family Fun!

With school, house- and yard-work and everything else you do all day, don’t forget to schedule some fun time with the fam! Even just a couple hours. As your family's visionary, where you lead they will follow. Soon, it will be gobble gobble and sleigh bells ringing and, maybe, very cold. So head for the yard or park or apple orchard. Fall brings so many cool ways to hang together: hiking, walking the dog, stargazing, raking leaves and more. You know what they love. Ask your intuition by following these simple steps:

  • Close your eyes.
  • Think about activities that fill their hearts with joy.
  • Say to yourself silently, “My heart knows that they would love to..."
  • Fill in the blank with whatever comes to mind. 
  • If it feels right, if you know it’s right without knowing how you know, then you’ve struck gold!

Autumn gold. Enjoy the season!

Dr. Shayna Mancuso
Such a great tip and beautiful reminder for all of us. ❤️️
Gail Harris
Thanks, Dr. Shayna Mancuso And it is a good reminder. Moms rock!!!

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