Spend More Quality Time With Your Kids! Take the Time Off Challenge! by Holly Budde

7 years ago

Spend More Quality Time With Your Kids! Take the Time Off Challenge!

Some of the best days with your kids are completely unplanned – and unscheduled. I am a long-time proponent of not over-scheduling kids in too many extracurricular activities. Of course, activities are wonderful for kids! Mine are always involved in something. I'm not saying "no," just that we should not overdo it! Kids need time to:

  • relax
  • use their imagination 
  • simply "be" 

There is a bonus to that, too! First, the mom taxi is parked for a while! YOU get time to lose the watch, too! Everyone decompresses. Stress levels reduce, which usually means less arguing and more fun together! The next time you get the chance, take the "time off challenge!" You never know what the day may bring. (And exercise won't have to be scheduled later either!)

Donna John
Great reminder, @tweenspot. I was guilty of that with my first two kids, but learned my lesson for the third. You don't really enjoy anything if you're trying to do everything.
Jennison Grigsby
Aw I love this! The days we have nothing on the calendar are my favorite days! We often just end up reading books for an hour or enjoying a long leisurely walk without checking the clock :)

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