Encouraging Empathy: How to Teach Your Child to Be an Includer! by Kelli Schulte

a year ago
Encouraging Empathy: How to Teach Your Child to Be an Includer!

With all the stress and pressure our kids face today, it’s never too early to help them begin to learn how to empathize with their peers. Being an INCLUDER is one way to do that. So what is an INCLUDER? An INCLUDER is: 

  • The first warm face you meet when you walk into an event alone. 
  • The person who notices you standing just outside the circle and gets everyone to take one step back. 
  • The person who introduces you to others with similar interests. 
  • The person who makes you feel a little less invisible.

There are many ways to encourage being an INCLUDER. Here are just a few!

  1. Help your child notice when someone is excluded. 
  2. Ask, “How do you think they are feeling right now?” 
  3. Ask, "What can you do to make a difference?"

It's never too early to start!

Donna John
This is great, Kelli Schulte! The word would be a better place if we were all INCLUDERS!
Kelli Schulte
Thanks Donna John! So true...small steps can make HUGE ripples.
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
I absolutely love this tip. We need to raise our kids with this mindset so hopefully the next generation will be one of includers. Nothing we need more than that right now, Kelli Schulte and Donna John!
Donna John
I agree 100%, @elisa.
Christine Jones
Love this Kelli Schulte! The list of ways to encourage being an includer are really helpful!
I've been an outsider before, so I have learned to be an includer. I'm naturally outgoing and look for the shy people. My kids are the same way. It's good to know we are part of a great group!
Kelli Schulte
ZZSMAMA Elisa All 30SecondMom Chrissy Jones It's amazing (and I guess scary) what our kids pick up from us just by watching! My kids used to be part of a student leadership team at church that watched for new kids coming into the youth group and welcomed them in. Their job was to connect and introduce them to other kids. Months later, or sometimes years later, those same kids would talk about what an impact that made. For most, it was a deciding factor to come back next week. Feeling connected and sense of belonging is such a strong yearning for us. We need includers in our world!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Thank you for the great feedback, @ZZSMAMA. That's so wonderful! Kelli Schulte - this tip is so powerful. Thank you for sharing!

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