Reach for the Stars & Your Child Will, Too (& Other Bits of Wisdom)! by Gail Harris

Reach for the Stars & Your Child Will, Too (& Other Bits of Wisdom)!

Children follow in our footsteps. So where ya going? You don’t need to know the specifics – just be moving in the right direction! Trusting yourself. Finding your way. Following your heart, knowing that, while these are important, you’re so much more than a mom, entrepreneur, wife or any role or label. Follow your inner compass and your path will be revealed to you – step by step by step. To thine own self be true.

When you’re solid from within, reaching, stretching your child can’t help but follow. Monkey see, monkey do. When you’re solid from within, you can discern his needs and be his emissary. When you’re solid from within, you have the wisdom to know this. You are his lifeline. His safari guide. You know how much rope to give and when to reel him in. So step into yourself – and be.

Donna John
You are truly an inspiring lady, @gailharris. What a great read. Thank you for sharing your insights and wisdom with the 30Second Mom tribe!
Gail Harris
My pleasure @donna. I get a lot from it, too.
Kelli Porcaro inspiring. Thank you for sharing this.
Gail Harris
You're welcome, Kelli. it keeps me on track.

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