3 Simple Steps to Help You Resolve Arguments (a Little) Easier! by Dr. Sarah Allen

7 years ago

3 Simple Steps to Help You Resolve Arguments (a Little) Easier!

It is impossible to never be irritated by other people. It's also not good to avoid conflict at all costs because it just leads to you feeling resentful. Instead, use these three simple steps to resolve arguments effectively.

  • Stay Calm - If you are talking in an angry voice, being sarcastic or shouting, your listener is too busy defending themselves to listen to what you are trying to say.
  • Listen and Be Heard - Talk in a way that the other person can really hear you and be prepared to listen and compromise.
  • Problem Solve - Most arguments are variations of the same old problem because people are not problem-solving how to make the issue go away.

For in-depth tips on how to communicate and problem solve click here.

Naimah Razak
GREAT tips!!! love them, thanks for sharing.

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