How to Beat the Inevitable Fall Energy Slump (It's Coming)! by Felicia Stoler

2 years ago
How to Beat the Inevitable Fall Energy Slump (It's Coming)!

Fall is right around the corner and so is the usual drop of energy that follows. Here are some tips to beat the slump!

  • Slack off on sugar and avoid the crash. Choose high-fiber, low-glycemic foods like quinoa, lentils and apples instead. 
  • Make sure you "go!" When you're not regular, you feel uncomfortable and out of balance. Keep your gut healthier with a steady intake of fruits, veggies and carbs. 
  • Embrace better-for-you fats. Easily invest in healthy fats to lower tiring inflammation. Shuffle between olive oil, palm fruit oil, coconut oil, nuts and avocados. Malaysian sustainable palm fruit oil is naturally trans fat-free, with the added bonus of it being non-GMO. 
  • Skip the gym once in a while. Try burst training instead – it's an efficient and effective antidote. 
  • Stay hydrated! Dehydration robs you of energy. 
  • Shut it off. Back away from all electronics one hour before bed.

Now you're ready for fall!

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