How to Get Your Kids Ahead in 10 Minutes a Day: 3 Fun Ideas to Start! by Rihanna Mistry

7 years ago

How to Get Your Kids Ahead in 10 Minutes a Day: 3 Fun Ideas to Start!

Put your phones and tablets away. Clear some time in your day and invest in your children. It can be as little as 10 minutes per day. Teach them something, have a plan and maximize your child's potential. Here are three ideas!

  • Practice the times tables with your children on the way to school.
  • Talk about food, where it comes from and how it is made when you go on your weekly supermarket shop.
  • Talk about the happy events in the news over the dinner table. Now is a great time to do this with the Rio Olympics. Talk about the amazing stories and achievements that Olympians have made.

Do you want to take on the challenge?

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Christine Jones
I love this Rihanna Mistry! I find if you do it in short concentrated bursts the kids are so much more open to it and it becomes a seamless part of their day. Sometimes we set a timer in the car for 3 mins and we see how many multiplication problems they can answer in 3mins.
Rihanna Mistry
I totally agree @beyondthepark. Short and daily sessions mean that the children will absorb the information and learning is exciting for them! :)

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